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It was a dark and stormy night.

Germany rolled over in his bed, desperately trying to block out the storm. More thunder crashed violently outside, with rain pouring down heavily. The storm was bad, it had already knocked out Germany's power, and he was sure it couldn't be long before-

Someone was knocking on his door, crying out," Germany! Germany! Let me in!"

There he was.

Groaning quietly, Germany rolled out of bed, and stumbled half-awake to the door. Without hesitation, he pulled it open, and there was Italy.

The Italian was thoroughly drenched in rainwater, and it was apparently also hailing, because he had several large chunks of ice stuck in his hair.

Before Germany could even open his mouth to welcome him, Italy rushed into the house, and wrapped his arms around the taller man.

"Thank you so much, Germany! Romano's away at Spain's place, and he wouldn't let me come, and the power went out at my house and-"  

Lightning crashed outside, and Italy shrieked.

"Just so you know Italy, zhe power's out here, too."

"Oh." The Italian sounded disappointed, and more thunder roared outside, "I can stay, right?"

Germany nodded, too tired to verbally answer.


With eyes already closed, Germany collapsed back in his bed. But he didn't get to sleep just yet, because a rustling at his door told him Italy wanted something. He turned over, and looked at the Italian. He waited.

"Germany, its dark and,-"

Wordlessly, Germany grunted, and rolled over to the edge of the bed, allowing Italy to crawl onto the other side.

"Ve~! Thank you, Germany!"

He got no response.

"Umm, Germany? You don't have to be all the way over there…"

Italy reached across the bed, and pulled Germany over to the middle of it. Germany, being shirtless, just shivered and obeyed as Italy's hand inadvertently grasped his e-zone.

"I-Italy, p-please don't touch me zhere…" he murmured

Unfortunately, his protests only made Italy curious, "Where… Here?" he asked, hand once again on the scar.

"… Ja," Germany replied, trying to ignore the feelings that were accumulating inside of him, "Ja." Suddenly, it seemed like he wasn't so tired anymore.

Smiling, Italy poked the spot again, watching Germany's face, "Why?"

"Vell…" Germany thought out loud, "Vell how do you like it vhen I do zhis?" he replied, pulling Italy's curl, hard.

*Yay! Viewer/Author digression!*

That was a bad mistake, he thought the next morning. It had been a very bad mistake, he thought again, noticing their way the clothes were strewn across the room.

If only he knew.
So, it's that time of the month again, and I've decided to take a (short) break from my other Hetalia story and write some semi-happy GerIta. :giggle:
This is just the prequel, so you don't really need to read it to understand, but I decided to write it anyway....
Shout out to LIVE, for the refrences to my favorite song 'Lightning Crashes', which I was listening to as I wrote this.
More to come!
ch1: [link]
ch3: [link]
4: [link]
5: Not written yet.....
(if anyone has a more creative title, I would love to hear it.)
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