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Who Is Italy? Prt 6
Germany snarled outright at Italy's words, not letting them sink in. he couldn't stand the thought that his brother was out there in pain, where he couldn't find him.
Italy just sneered, and tossed something at England, walking upstairs.
Immediately the object is pressed against his eye, but Germany still can't figure out what it is, mainly because it won't stop shimmering.
Before long, Italy was back, this time with four bowls of pasta, the bizarre fork-things already stuck in the food.
He placed a bowl in each of their hands, and sneered again, pulling Germany's arm down so he could feed himself. Without being asked, he answered their questions.
"Now eat up, I wouldn't want you losing your strength. You should save it for all the fun we're going to have tomorrow," and with that, they were alone in the darkness again.
America was the first to react, sitting up and acting like he was just waking up. He turned to England, and looked like he was going to say something, but he didn't. His
:icongir131:gir131 6 2
Mature content
GerItal Mpreg Chapter 4 :icongir131:gir131 13 4
Drugged (ReaderxLithuania)
You adjusted the hem of your green sundress, and sighed. Where was your date?
Against your better judgment you had allowed your []f/r  to set you up on a blind date with a person s/he had met over the internet, or more accurately the friend of a friend she met over the internet, and look where you had ended up. Sitting alone in a restaurant full of people.
Just as you were getting up to leave someone walked in the door. It probably wasn't your guy, but you straightened a little and let yourself hope like you had with all the other people.
His dark green eyes scanned the room, landing on you, and you noticed his face scrunching up critically. A photo was held up and you could see him comparing you to the person in it. It must have been you, because he then started walking over to you.
There were actually two men, a blonde dragging a brunette. The blonde wore a pink sweater andů. A pink skirt. The brunette had a simple uniform on.
"Like, excuse me, but are you [r/n]'s [in/r]?
:icongir131:gir131 3 0
"Hey freak!" you're not sure you know that voice, and certainly don't need to.
They're all the same.
You tighten your back slightly, and keep walking, thinking to yourself, 'just ignore it [name], it'll only get worse if you get upset,'
Regardless of your thoughts, you feel something hit your back, probably a piece of paper. You don't bother looking at it.
Someone else called out at you, "You will be answering her, Da?" it was Ivan.
You had been one of Ivan's only friends when he was little. He used to be a nice kid. You had always been bullied a lot, and it used to be that Ivan was there to protect you from the worst of it. He was a scary kid, and no one liked to hang around him. And then there was his little sister, who followed behind him like a puppy and glared at anyone that seemed to be getting between them. She was truly frightening. But you, you had gone right up to him, sat next to him and offered him your PB&J sandwich on the first day of school. In fourth-grader terms, that
:icongir131:gir131 11 3
Old Enough
You were late to your piano lesson. That was not good. Your teacher, Mr. Vargas (although he insisted on you calling him Lovi (the shortened version of his first name, Lovino)), was always terrifyingly grumpy when you arrived late to a lesson. And you didn't like to make him upset (unlike his father/boyfriend (you had never asked what their relationship was really, you just guessed)), in fact you were starting to develop a crush on him, much as you tried to quell it. Attachment would do you no good, especially when there was no possible way he would ever return your feelings, not when he was already in a relationship.
But, in your defense, it was hard not to fall for him. Not with those golden eyes (literally!), that could shine with humor just as easily as they glared with enough malice to make you wilt and die. Not that he was mean to you much, in fact he was usually nice, very delicate, and sensitive to things that made you upset, like [an issue you have with yourself]. And then the
:icongir131:gir131 3 0
Slender (GermanyXReader)
You sat in class, paying attention but not really. You were watching for Him. Always waiting for Him to find you. You would never be safe, just safer.
"[Name]?" the teacher broke you out of your daydream and you jerked upwards in a panic, "Huh!?"
Everyone in the room snickered at you, and you sighed. Then went up and tried the problem.
You managed not to think about him again until after school ended, when you were on the bus. You closed your eyes and saw his arms, always too long, outstretched to find you, to steal you away. Without realizing it, you started drawing a symbol on the seat in front of you with your finger, a circle with an X.
"Dude, what's wrong with you?" That was Alfred Jones. He always seemed to be around just to annoy and embarrass someone. Ordinarily you didn't mind him so much because he got humiliated twice as often as he actually managed to embarrass people. And he always seemed so cheery; it was hard for you not to like him, "Why don't you draw something happy,
:icongir131:gir131 16 12
Metamorphosis (ReaderXGermany)
You sighed. Tonight was a rough one.
You worked at a bar, it was 1962 and people were still getting used to the idea of Germany being split into two halves. There were always people at the bar, depressed people that had family on the other side, angry people that wanted to try to climb the wall.
You tried to talk with them and help them through it, but it was hard. Your boyfriend was on the other side. The two of you were supposed to have been on a vacation, but you had to do something at work, so he went over first, waiting for you a few miles from the wall.
You actually hadn't seen him in three years, and you were beginning to forget what he sounded like. You could remember the kinds of things he would say, what would make him angry, what would make him laugh; but his voice was faded, almost unable to be heard when you thought about it. The other night you had a dream about him, and instead of speaking, the words visibly floated out of his mouth. You had his picture, although he prob
:icongir131:gir131 6 5
Goodbyes don't have to be forever.....
It was freezing outside, and you sighed, pulling thick boots on over your socks. It was inevitable. You needed more firewood if you wanted to stay remotely warm tonight, and you were all out.
But that didn't mean you had to like it.
Shrugging on a heavy [f/c] coat, you shoved your hands into mittens, and opened the door. Folding your arms around you against the cold you strode swiftly through the mounting snow, which already came a little above your knees. You reached your pile of logs and wiped some snow off of a few and picked them up.
You turned to head back home when you heard a whimper from the small group of trees nearby. You figured it must be some animal, but it didn't sound like anything you recognized. So you decided to investigate, and (clutching the wood close to your chest) you discovered it was a small lump in the snow.
And under the lump was a child. You gasped and instantly dropped you wood, picking up the poor little guy. He couldn't have been more than five years old,
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My Hetalia Lovers Meme by gir131 My Hetalia Lovers Meme :icongir131:gir131 5 0
'So this was Switzerland,' you thought to yourself.
You had finally arrived, after agreeing to come with your best friend Elise. She said her big brother lived here, and has always been very adamant about him, so naturally you were curious.
On the plane Elisa admitted that she wasn't all that sure where her brother was, or if he would be at the airport, but you didn't mind. He didn't sound all that interesting you told yourself.
But there he was, waiting patiently. You recognized him instantly, because he looked just like Elisa. Well, maybe he had a flatter chest and he wasn't wearing a bow on the side of his hair, but they looked very similar. He was about the same age as you, you realized, as his green eyes scanned you critically.
"Is that your brother?" you asked her as you went to get your luggage. You hadn't brought much with you, just enough to get by for a while.
"That's him!" she squealed. You sighed, sometimes she got excited about something stuff and it took her a moment to c
:icongir131:gir131 30 9
Mature content
Ebb and Flow (Mermaid!GermanyXReader) :icongir131:gir131 117 20
Run (RomanoXReader)
You sighed. Italy was boring.
After saving up for the entire time you were in college, you had blown all your hard earned money on a trip to Italy, since you've always wanted to go. And then it turned out to be a very dull place.
Admittedly you had only travelled around the top half of the country, but you assumed the southern part would be the same. Whether or not it was, today was the day you would find out.
You followed your tour guide, Feliciano Vargas (although he had asked you to call him Feli) for an hour around the city. He was supposed to be taking you to his older brother, Lovino who would show you the rest of the country. Whatever.
At least you thought that until you saw Lovi. He had similar red-brown hair (complete with that annoying curl of hair that always seemed to be hanging off the side of his head. you always had a nearly overwhelming urge to just reach out and rip it off of his head, but until now you had managed to control yourself) that was a little darker than his
:icongir131:gir131 120 35
Side Effects (Vampire!CanadaXReader)
You stumble further into the dense forest, feeling your breath get ragged. You were approaching your limit but you couldn't stop yet. You had to keep going.
"Come on!" you yelled at yourself, "you can do this!" unfortunately, your legs disagreed, and you collapsed on the ground, panting heavily, "Dammit," you mumbled to yourself, and stood up, starting to walk back home, "but tomorrow I can do better."
"H-Hi," you thought you heard something behind you, but figured it was probably just the wind or something. You had to get home, but as you turned to leave you saw a really pale guy standing there, just watching you.
He had pale blonde hair, and a long strand of hair that curled around itself once. He was wearing a red sweater with a white maple leaf in the center and baggy jeans. He also had these amazing dark, vivid purple eyes. Overall the boy was very pale.
"Hi," he said again, and this time you realized that he was the one that made the sound the first time. "Hey," you replied, and
:icongir131:gir131 133 35
You sighed to yourself and pulled your thick coat even closer around you. Why had you decided to come here, anyway?
That was right. It was for Sunny.
Sunny was your friend from over the internet. Sure, you had a few friends who would occasionally chat with you, but no one was as close as Sunny. His username was Sunfl0werv0dka. Sunny, which you called him for short, was always there if you needed to chat. Which had been great because almost a year after you and Sunny had started to really be close friends, your personal life had started to turn, well, for lack of a more appropriate word, shitty.
Your parents had started fighting, and subsequently you had started spending more time at the library, because other than at home that was the only place you knew of that didn't have a wifi without a password. And you weren't sure you wanted your neighbor (the French one that looked at questionable things over the internet using your parents wifi (which you would never tell them because you didn
:icongir131:gir131 57 16
Mature content
90. Mr. Mom :icongir131:gir131 0 0
Who is Italy? prt 5
Once he was finished stitching up the wounds and making sure they wouldn't get infected, Italy turned to his new captives, one of which was beginning to stir.
"Oh good. Now I don't have to pick you up and tie your body over there," Italy indicated to another bed that was set up just outside of Germany's range of view.
He kicked Japan in the face to get him to stand, and at the heels to make him walk over to the bed. The nation's face remained blank; he didn't say a word as he laid obediently down on the white sheet, eyes glaring indignantly at Italy. Italy frowned back, "That's not very nice, Japan. I haven't even done anything to you yet."
He sneered at the other, and indicated to Germany and America, "but I promise you and I can gave some fun real soon, just hold on."
Japan was silent.
Canada didn't want to leave his home, but at the same time, he didn't wan
:icongir131:gir131 7 16


Prussia x Reader - Lost Souls
Hetalia: Prussia x Reader fic
Lost Souls
You hurried to the bus stop as you began to hear the squealing brakes of that metal deathtrap. You had gotten up late today and had just barely made it. It would have been bad if you had gone in late. Especially on your first day. The attending doctors at St. Frederick's Hospital were very strict when it came to interns.
You panted heavily as you boarded the bus. It was full, as it usually was in the morning... except all the way in the back. You squeezed your way past the people who were already seated. There sat a pale guy with white, shaggy hair. He was dressed in jeans and a hoodie, a backpack in his lap and a pair of headphones around his neck.
"Is this seat taken?" you asked. He glanced up at you, piercing you with deep, red eyes.
"Oh... no, not at all," he answered, taking hold of his belongings and scooting over to give you more room. You were surprised by
:iconstacytheemo:stacyTHEemo 767 507
Dork ''master of tact'' Strider by Hubedihubbe Dork ''master of tact'' Strider :iconhubedihubbe:Hubedihubbe 1,781 165 Q and A 13 by AskPrussia Q and A 13 :iconaskprussia:AskPrussia 43 21 Q and A 76 by AskPrussia Q and A 76 :iconaskprussia:AskPrussia 140 77 Q and A 70 by AskPrussia Q and A 70 :iconaskprussia:AskPrussia 176 91 FASHIONWEEK// AskLovina by AskLudwig FASHIONWEEK// AskLovina :iconaskludwig:AskLudwig 15 8 Q+A 40 by AskLudwig Q+A 40 :iconaskludwig:AskLudwig 64 19 Q+A 38 by AskLudwig Q+A 38 :iconaskludwig:AskLudwig 51 34 Q and A 36 by AskPrussia Q and A 36 :iconaskprussia:AskPrussia 85 38 Q+A 32 by AskLudwig Q+A 32 :iconaskludwig:AskLudwig 153 67 RAISE YOUR GLASS by AskPrussia RAISE YOUR GLASS :iconaskprussia:AskPrussia 72 41 nope by slingbees nope :iconslingbees:slingbees 10 6 Q+A 7 by AskLudwig Q+A 7 :iconaskludwig:AskLudwig 238 91 Little Kitchen - Flash Game by SquidPig Little Kitchen - Flash Game :iconsquidpig:SquidPig 4,256 1,367
Pain of Love Lasts A Lifetime Ch:8
Chapter 8: We deserved happiness
It was New Year's Eve.
And every time I looked at that photograph, time seemed to walk backwards to that moment. The moment when I first had Hans in my arms.
One of the nurses that attended to me requested for a picture right before they moved me to another cleaner room, because, well, perhaps for an average person, seeing a buffed man like me going through childbirth and was then holding a baby in his arms was something uncommon and entertaining  to them nonetheless.
I had to admit that I look pretty hilarious in the picture. I was sweating buckets with my cheeks stained with the dried tears, my hair looked as if a strong wind had blew in, there were also faint dark circles under my eyes. And my tired smile...God, if it was crooked like how it was when I tried so hard to smile, the photograph would have gotten the funniest photo award of all time.
But that smile I showed was a rarity, a one-time deal. I think anyone would know by now t
:iconfellow-traveller:fellow-traveller 20 39
Mature content
Pain of Love Lasts a Lifetime Ch:5 :iconfellow-traveller:fellow-traveller 22 37


the initial idea strikes me as heartfelt, although that may just be because I am a sucker for friendly monsters, and the execution of s...


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